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  • Staying power

    Staying power


Perth’s real estate market has changed a lot over the past 20 years, but one constant has been the Peard Real Estate Group. 

Founder and CEO, Peter Peard and his team at the Peard Real Estate Group have been helping Perth locals buy, sell, rent and lease property since opening their first office at the Hillarys Marina back in 1997.

The company started out with a small office of three, driven by one man’s vision to change the real estate game. From the very start, Peter wanted to offer both clients and agents something better. Today, the company manages over 3,200 investment properties and sells $1.2 billion dollars’ worth of property a year with their 300-strong team.

Peter’s decision to open Peard Real Estate came after 10 years in the industry, which saw him grow tired of looking at the same real estate business model.

“I would watch principles run offices that were barely turning over a profit and walk away with nothing to show after 30 years of blood, sweat and tears,” he says from the group’s HQ in Subiaco.

“At the other end, agents within those offices weren’t happy. They didn’t have the support they needed to succeed, resulting in a high turnover of staff.

“I knew if I was going to open up my own company, I was going to do things a lot differently,” he says.

Peter’s vision came to life with the opening of Peard Real Estate Hillarys, but the empire that followed has far exceeded his expectations and hopes.

Today, the group is a powerhouse in WA, boasting 12 office locations, with the official title of WA’s Top Office under their belt, a finance and settlements division as well as a corporate head office offering a complete support network.

Peter says he’s maintained the same attitude from day one.

“Our success is built on four key components: a unique structure, a solid administrative framework, premium marketing and a recruitment strategy focused on hiring only the best.

“We’ve never compromised on these three core components and they have been imperative to our success and the premium service we can offer clients."

It sounds like a simple strategy but in the cut-throat real estate business, it’s a testament to Peard’s approach to business that many agents and licensees are long-term members of the group.

The company’s dedicated support team ensures that agents can focus on selling property and looking after their clients’ needs instead of being bogged down with paperwork.

“If agents are supported, they are going to be more efficient and provide a better service to clients,” says Peter.

“After all, it’s this premium service that makes our valued clients return and keep our business growing, no matter what the background market seems to be dictating.

“Our ability to provide excellent support to our agents plays a major part in our retention rate. Many of our employees have been with us from the very beginning.”

Naturally, every business owner hopes their company will be a success but few achieve exactly what they set out to do. For Peter it was about coming up with the right strategy and everything else would fall into place.

“Sometimes I can’t believe how far we’ve come, to be honest. It’s an amazing feeling to see what myself and my incredible team have achieved in 20 years,” he says.

“There was an element of doubt when we started out. We were flipping the business model on its head, and for the first few years, it was like steering a ship through fog, not knowing if it was going to crash.

“The fog cleared eventually with our success and it became apparent that we had the right idea.

“And that’s what it’s all about - taking those big risks and adapting to the times.

“I saw the need to change the model twenty years ago and today, with the 'Uberisation' of business, I see the need to flip it again to stay ahead of the curve.”

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